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Guess What Healthy Products Our Neighbours Eat

Good food has always been a priority in our region, something to which we dedicate attention, time and love, a main supply which connects us at every social event.


And what actually does good food mean? Rich aroma and taste, abundance of nutrients and a complete balance for our body, mind and soul.


Macedonia as a country of natural, healthy and extraordinarily delicious traditions has a lot to offer. When it comes to healthy food, the main choice for healthy products is primarily Vitalia.


We came up with interesting results – each neighbouring nation has a different “taste” when it comes to the selection of healthy food; so while fruity tastes are dominant in Serbia and Albania, the refined taste of chocolate is preferred in Bulgaria and Greece.


Namely, in Serbia, the population enjoys the crunchy taste of muesli and fruit refreshment of raspberry and blackberry. Crunchy muesli with raspberry and blackberry are their favourite product – a unique combination of forest fruit and cereals which makes for a perfectly balanced meal at the start of the day.

In Bulgaria, our eastern neighbor, the ideal snack is the granola bar with chocolate and banana taste.


The bars characterize with a highly nutritious composition and unique taste of hazelnut and walnut, which reminds us of the recognizable taste of Turkish baklava.

In Albania, however, the most preferred product is the tropical muesli. The tasty blend of exotic fruits fills our body with healthy nutrients and brings us the tranquility of the tropical regions.

Let’s not forget our neighbour from the Mediterranean, Greece, where the favourite healthy choice is the chocolate muesli defined by the bitter-sweet taste of chocolate supplemented with the crunchiness of the nuts.


Although each individual has a different taste, our neighbours are brought together by the desire for a healthy diet which provides high energy levels and allows for a vital body.

And still Vitalia remains the best choice for them!

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