Holidays are for acts of kindness and joy… Vitalia is for humanity

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Holidays are for acts of kindness and joy… Vitalia is for humanity

Vitalia with support for Red Cross volunteers with products for strong immunity.

Inspiring beautiful holiday feelings, Vitalia for Easter reminds us of the mission of humanity, kindness and love for our loved ones, but also all others who fight daily for our lives.
In the moments filled with closeness in our families, the Company has once again shown us that our joy and gratitude is complete, if we connect it with support and help for good deeds and humanitarian goals.

For the Red Cross Volunteers who participate daily in the process of fast and safe vaccination in the Boris Trajkovski Arena, Vitalia donated products from its program for strengthening the immune system. With this donation, the Company emphasized the support and gratitude of the volunteers for their commitment and sacrifice in dealing with the pandemic situation.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been extremely active to help where it is most needed, we are happy that even in these moments of vaccination and immunization we are able to continue with this humanitarian mission. – said from the company.

In the past weeks, Vitalia donated over 1 ton of healthy food for socially disadvantaged citizens through the “Site Siti” network of Ajde Makedonija, supported by Civica Mobilitas as part of the “Sustainable Food Rescue Network”.

Under the motto – We are here and serve the community, we help each other! #TukaSme #EdniZaDrugi, which is under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, Vitalia joined the humanitarian action to collect food and set an example of care and responsibility.

The Company points out that they regularly monitor and support all activities with a humanitarian mission, help wherever necessary and believe that with this strategy they act as driving force and motivation for other companies to get involved in joint projects, for the common good.

Although the result is most often associated with the quality of products, which Vitalia constantly confirms in numerous world markets, with top awards and recognitions, still the overall success is adorned by humanitarian works, which have always been and will continue with increased intensity in the future.

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