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Junk free, guilt free mission continues…

From a young age, we learn that fruits and vegetables are healthy for us. But over time, the aging process, and the increase in daily commitments, we often forget the wisdom gained at an early age. Research done in 2015 shows that out of all age groups, only children ages 1 to 8 consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Research shows that modern lifestyles limit the time to eat a full healthy meal.
On the other hand, food is not only intended to satisfy hunger and provide the necessary nutrients for optimal body functioning, but also to prevent nutrition-related illnesses and improve the physical and mental well-being of the consumer. Raw food intake, especially the most basic foods – fruits and vegetables, is associated with a reduced risk of chronic and non-communicable diseases.

Clean “junk free” eating is a diet that emphasizes raw food consumption in its least processed state. This includes regular intake of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and low-processed protein, but in no way misses whole food groups.

Whereas healthy raw snacks, usually in the form of a bar or cake, are prominent in this diet because they provide convenience in consumption, innovation in production, and high nutritional value in small quantities. Aside from that, they are made with natural ingredients, that is, they have all the benefits of raw food while being preferred by their availability. Because of this, the trend of healthy raw snacks is growing rapidly, and is the primary choice for most, especially for people with a dynamic lifestyle.

In keeping with this trend, find the four new flavors of Vitalia raw fruit and vegetable bars that retain the original nutrients and minerals, while the flavor of the ingredients remains the same. These snacks are free of any processed ingredients and instead contain a high percentage of dried fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Aside from that, they are characterized by a sweet taste derived from the abundance of fruit, no added sugars, gluten-free, and fit perfectly into a vegan diet.

With that in mind, join us on the Junk Free, Guilt Free movement, and let Vitalia be your motivation for a “Clean” diet, and a guide to a healthy lifestyle.

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