Minister Shapurikj Visits Vitalia

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Minister Shapurikj Visits Vitalia

Export projects are the driving force of the Macedonian economy.


Quality Macedonian production companies should be additionally supported in order to be even more successful, which is one of the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Such companies are instigators of economic growth, contributing to increased export, employment growth and higher GDP, and they open bigger European perspectives for the country.

One such company for health food production is Vitalia Ltd Skopje, and today it was visited by the Minister of the Government in charge of the regulation for improvement of the investment climate for domestic companies, Professor Zoran Shapurikj PhD, with the aim of familiarizing with the company’s work, perspectives, development plans and possible difficulties in working.


“The Government of RM should create preconditions for development of the business sector for stable market operations and offer help and support for what is good, naturally within its possibilities. Production, export, employment growth – all directly contribute to the growth of GDP. Vitalia is an example of a company with a vision, a company that has been rising to challenges for 25 years, and continuously adapted to the new trends and needs of the modern consumers,” explained the Minister Shapurikj at the meeting with Vitalia’s management team.


Vitalia follows research and trends in the food industry as well as the latest technological innovations and, in line with them, creates healthy innovative produce according to the consumers’ needs.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, Vitalia opened a new plant and increased the production capacity by 100% in the category of muesli and bars. Our development strategy resulted in export growth of 15% and an increase of 30% in the number of employees in the first 8 months of 2018.


As a result of the export of a wider range of products, primarily products from the sugar-free line, protein products and gluten-free products, the Vitalia produce are greatly accepted by the consumers, because it is all about a highly nutritious product that meets the needs for a healthy daily product of consumers of different target groups.


“Vitalia is one of the few companies in the region that has implemented the most stringent international standards for food safety such as BRC, IFS, as well as the SA800 Social Accountability Certification. At the same time, it has implemented the most specific religious standards KOSHER and HALAL, which opened up opportunities for export to countries of the Middle East, Israel and UAE. Since the very beginning, we have focused on development, raising consumers’ awareness and changing consumers’ habits as one of the prerequisites for a healthy, quality and long life,” said Iskra Vetadzokoska Mucunska, a manager and co-owner of Vitalia.


The Vitalia products are exported to more than 55 countries on 5 continents including the European Union, the USA, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, India, Lebanon, UAE, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Seychelles…

As a result of quality and original products, good distribution and readiness to meet specific customers’ needs, the Vitalia brand is today present in the world’s most famous trade chains such as: Auchan, Tesco, Kaufland, Metro, Billa, Veropulos, Carrefour, Spar, Merkator, Konzum, Delhaize, Wholefoods, DM, and as of two years ago, the Vitalia brand is present in the world’s most famous online store, as well as the shelves of Wholefoods USA and Canada.

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