Invest in your health: New products from Vitalia for strong immunity

The Covid-19 pandemic is still going on and protecting our health is more important than ever. But there is also good news coming to us from our favorite healthy food factory! Vitalia continues to be your best partner in boosting immunity and is diligently preparing new products to help you fight viruses.
A unique KETO line, three new types of Granola muesli without added sugar and a new Cornflakes have become part of the family of healthy products.

What unites all of these products is the low level of sugar, which is a basic prerequisite for maintaining good health.

KETO line – A new trend for healthy weight loss and strong immunity
Vitalia, being the first in the region, has developed a line of KETO products, with top quality and unique composition.
Keto muesli is without added sugar, rich in healthy fats, low in carbohydrates and rich in protein and fiber. And it all comes together in three wonderful flavors: Keto granola with nuts and cinnamon, Keto granola with coconut, cocoa and chocolate, and Keto muesli with nuts and seeds.

The new Keto Line will delight you also with KETO praline. This delicious healthy dessert without added sugar is prepared from quality dark chocolate, peanut butter and crunchy nuts. Simple – perfect and irresistible snack with low carbohydrates.
The new KETO line has another “ace up its sleeve”, and these are KETO crackers with low carbohydrate content. They are made from 6 types of seeds – super food, enriched with pea proteins and natural oregano aroma. An ideal combination with your favorite sauces and spreads.

If you include Vitalia’s new keto line in your diet, you will lose weight healthily and effectively, while improving your cardiovascular and mental health, stimulating muscle work and speeding up fat burning.

New Granola Muesli and Corn Flakes

Immunity is built by having a good breakfast! That is why it is clear why Vitalia since 1993, pays special attention to creating the best muesli and meals for a healthy start to the day.
The perfectly baked Granola now in a new improved recipe without added sugar is an ideal breakfast that will soon be available on the Macedonian market. They are a balance of flavors and nutrients, rich in fiber and contain up to 65% whole oat flakes.

And that is not all! Try the new Vitalia Corn Flakes with low sugar content, which is packed in a practical zip package and remains always fresh and crunchy. Wonderful and delicious healthy breakfast for every generation!

Enjoy food without thinking and conscience! And be sure that every Vitalia product is an investment in your health.

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