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Take control over your health – Be Junk Free, Guilt Free!

A dynamic lifestyle means making fast nutrition decisions during the day. Although choosing healthy food is logical choice, we can often reach for something junk, artificial and high-calorie. But, thanks to the increased access to information on the Internet, we are becoming more and more aware that the healthy food in which the original nutrients are retained is more than a normal trend. Healthy food is a crucial need!

Finding the ideal healthy snack that meets all the criteria is no longer a challenge thanks to Vitalia Super Raw bars, which are formulated with innovative technology, 100% natural, contain over 80% fruit, gluten free, without added sugar.

With the educational campaign Junk free, Guilt Free whose focus are Super Raw Bars, Vitalia starts a movement with a powerful message: To inspire a nutritional transition towards healthy, “clean label” snacking while educating the consumers that they have control over their own health.

Why Vitalia Super Raw Bars?

Within the campaign, three healthy and natural products are promoted: Vitalia Super Raw Bar with dates, walnut and strawberry, Super Raw Bar with chia seed, almond , cocoa and date and Super Raw Bar with date, fig , cashew and amaranth.

The fact that they are made of 100% natural ingredients, minimally processed (RAW) allows for the preservation of all nutrients, enzymes and bioactive components. They contain over 80% dried fruits (date, strawberry, fig), nuts (walnut, almond, cashew), but also super foods such as chia seeds, amaranth and cocoa which are extremely nutritionally rich ingredients. The benefits of raw food consumption are numerous: increased slow release energy, weight management, cholesterol regulation, blood pressure, blood glucose … A perfect complement to the diet of a healthy individual.

For who is it meant ?

The very composition and consistency of the three raw bars makes them suitable for all populations and age groups, fitting into any healthy diet. The educational campaign keeps the focus on young people – students, parents, professionals, because they are the driving force behind future trends and an example for future generations. They have high individual freedom, are mobile, are digitally present and possess a transformative capacity for inspiration, support and globalization of dietary changes.

The idea of launching this type of product was born last year, inspired by the trend of raw food consumption. We are proud of creating a product with superior nutritional value and unique taste. The educational campaign “Junk free, Guilt Free” is an investment into the health of future generations, raising awareness among the population about the importance of healthy eating and a complete change in the perception of healthy snacks “, said Iskra Vetadzokoska – Mucunska, general manager of Vitalia.

So choose a healthy Junk Free, Guilt Free snack and enjoy the day!

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