Vitalia – a socially responsible company where women are a strong inspiration for development

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Vitalia – a socially responsible company where women are a strong inspiration for development

In its existence that lasts more than a quarter of a century, Vitalia is a company that remains faithful to its name and fully justifies its importance. The vitality of this company is sustained by the constant growth and development of every segment of its business: from increasing the supply of its own products and expanding its business overseas through exports, to following the latest technologies, innovations and trends in modern diet. Starting as a small, family-owned business in the 1990s, Vitalia has grown over the years into a globally renowned company with a leading position in the region’s food industry.

Vitalia also maintains vitality through social engagement – proactive participation in the life of the community to which it belongs, to whom it is constantly returning and cares for, always with a tendency to improve. In that sense, Vitalia starts from the circle of its employees and allows it to spread out in a variety of ways. Responsibility towards the community and the worker Vitalia embodies by investing in an open and equitable space for all, where the chance to be a part of her business means having access to continuous education aimed at common progress. Investing in employee education means creating a fertile ground for innovation and effective implementation in practice – from the product and production process to the ways the process will be managed and the product placed on the world market.

The company’s modern, progressive approach is also reflected in inclusiveness and gender sensitivity, where women’s equality is taken as a serious response to the shortcomings of the regional and global corporate attitude to this issue in the past and today. The slow process of inclusion of women in higher ranking hierarchies in the big industries this company proactively and successfully resolves and is the gold standard in the field of social responsibility in the region. The leadership positions within Vitalia are not only prestige available to men, but are places that everyone can reach, regardless of gender. Advances in group consciousness in this corporate community are bursting with the bubble of privilege of the few and helping to change the current gender perception, which suffers from stereotyping and prejudice, above all. Therefore, Vitalia’s employees’ wellbeing is ensured by creating equal opportunities for all, which in turn creates genuine motivation in the work.

The company is self-sufficient enough to know that diversified, highly educated and motivated staff will continue to successfully conquer new markets in a variety of food products that satisfy even the most delicate tastes locally and globally at the same time. The company’s self-reflection is also expressed in practice. In its 26 years of existence, the number of employees and product offer have been steadily increasing, and successful work has created the conditions for Vitalia to expand across more than 55 countries throughout five continents. The success of the company is due to the persistence and knowledge of their research team, high productivity and bold business decisions of the management team, which are based on the knowledge of the needs and trends of consumers in the regional and global market. Vitalia is first and foremost a great family, and for a family to function, it must be happy and satisfying in its home.

In the future, as before, Vitalia’s vision remains unchanged. This company has become one of the most prestigious brands in the country with a clear vision and mission that it constantly pursues. And the mission is to create healthy, quality products that are tailored to the tastes of the modern consumer, while promoting a better and healthier life for their consumers.

The founders are determined to walk the path of success, filled with enthusiasm, passion, and hard work. They continue their mission of creating and maintaining a socially responsible company that fully adheres to the highest standards and norms, while motivating the community to follow.

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