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Vitalia again awarded the prestigious prize for quality – QUDAL

The leading health food company Vitalia was selected by the renowned Swiss company ICERTIAS for a company that offers absolutely best quality on the Macedonian market and is the receiver of the prestigious QUDAL – QUality meDAL award for 2014/2015.


In the first research conducted by QUDAL in Macedonia that intended to measure the consumers’ experience, opinion and perception of the companies offering the highest quality on the market, Vitalia won the majority of votes from all the participants that took part in the research. In a competition with other local and international brands, Vitalia was chosen for No.1 FOR QUALITY in four categories: muesli and cereals for breakfast, dried fruits and ecologically organic food.


“We are proud of this recognition and delighted at the fact that Macedonian buyers recognize the quality of the Vitalia brand. As leaders on the market with 20 years of working experience and tradition, we continue to meet the consumers’ needs and take care of their health through the production of high-quality and original products. These awards are acknowledgement for the hard work that the Vitalia team has put in while creating healthy and innovative products, and serve as our driving force to embark on new projects for new success,” – announced Iskra Vetadzokoska-Mucunska, a manager and co-owner of Vitalia.


The fact that Vitalia has been awarded in several categories speaks volumes for the quality of the company work. The brand that through the years has become a symbol of elegance and quality will continue to develop different products with the intention to further enrich its range of products and invest in the developing segment of the company.

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