Vitalia completed the successful jubilee year with participation at the International Fair ANUFOOD in Beijing, China

The Macedonian company for healthy food production – Vitalia had a successful presentation at the International Fair ANUFOOD 2018 in Beijing, China. An extremely important event that represents innovations in the food industry, and companies have the opportunity to present themselves to millions of audience, in front of representatives of the largest companies in Asia, as well as to visitors from China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines and other countries of the world.

Vitalia was part of the so-called Innovation room – a place where innovations in technology, recipes and packaging of food products are highlighted. Vitalia, always in step with the trends, was part of this zone, where she introduced the new Smoothie To Go, Raw Bars and Gluten-free crackers.

Vitalia’s large portfolio has also been promoted and has caused considerable interest due to unique and high-quality ingredients, practical packaging and nutritional value. Products based on cereals – muesli were one of the most popular that enabled the realization of many contacts with manufacturers, distributors, retail chains.

China and this part of the world are especially interesting because here consumers have developed habits for online shopping, which is an inspiration for the Macedonian market to focus on a different way of grocery shopping that saves time and adjusts to the modern lifestyle. Here, Vitalia has the advantage, in its new website has incorporated an online store.

“It’s about a part of the world that offers many opportunities. Huge market potential, a chance for big exports and global competitiveness. Ranking and promotion of the position of all brands in the product portfolio, which can contribute to great growth and development of the production potential. The company will continue to participate in world trade fairs in order to be closer to world trends and innovations in the field of healthy food, which will ensure long-term development of the company, “said the International sales manager Keti Kjoseva.

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