Vitalia donates healthy food and protective equipment to the medical staff in Infectious Disease Clinic

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Vitalia donates healthy food and protective equipment to the medical staff in Infectious Disease Clinic

The challenges that all countries are currently facing, including ours, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, indicate that this is a battle that can only be won if there is community practice on a daily basis and support provided to everyone who needs it. In this regard, the medical staff will now and in the coming period be in the foremost positions in the fight against Covid-19, so it is necessary for each of us to be solidary and to assist them at every opportunity.

To this end, Vitalia donates packages of healthy food and protective equipment to medical staff at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Skopje.

Anyone who belongs to the medical staff in the country, whether they are doctors, nurses or other healthcare workers, are at the forefront of defense against coronavirus. With their unremitting efforts, hard work, and maximum effort, they set an example that we can only overcome this crisis with mutual support. It is our duty to care for medical professionals as best we can – with a set of healthy products that will help them maintain good psychophysical state as well as the protective equipment needed in this joint battle with the coronavirus – stated Vitalia.

The coronavirus pandemic is global in scale, but its economic effects are felt locally, with every company and every citizen.

These days and weeks we all share the same fate and with a joint force fight a battle with an invisible enemy. The situation we are in is unknown to all of us, even forcing us to keep a close eye on our loved ones just to maintain our health. While all this is happening, at a time when borders are closed and people cannot communicate as they normally would, we face a unique challenge – to continue to do what we are most prepared to do, to provide healthy food for consumers, to we help wherever we can, but also protect our employees – say Vitalia.

In this regard, Vitalia adheres to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Government, and welcomes all efforts made in order to have a positive outcome in our country. Through its activities, such as the free delivery of healthy food for people over 60, the company enables citizens to minimize movement, especially the most vulnerable categories, to stay in their homes and thus help preserve the most important – their own health as well as the health to their fellow citizens.

The company emphasizes that proactivity, as well as providing support to the most engaged segments in the fight against coronavirus, is crucial at this time. Not only in the form that institutions support, but also in helping their human capacity, because it is these people who are most directly confronted with the current pandemic. As before, Vitalia will continue its intense social engagement, as responsibility to the community in which it operates is one of the most important principles and motives of the company.

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