VITALIA enters the African market – Nigeria and Ghana

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VITALIA enters the African market – Nigeria and Ghana

Vitalia’s products have found their way to Africa! In the beginning of the month, Vitalia made its first deliveries to Nigeria, and soon after the products of this Macedonian company for healthy food production will be exported to Ghana. Soon, people in these countries will be able to find healthy and tasty Vitalia food on the shelves of their local markets.
The diverse portfolio, affordable prices and globally recognized quality are the main characteristics of the VITALIA bran, which from year to year manages to expand its network in many countries around the world.
Vitalia in these two countries will present with its entire range of products. The Nigerian market has shown great interest in Vitalia’s functional lines, i.e protein, gluten-free line, and products without added sugar. In Ghana, on the other hand, the greatest demand is for Vitalia core products, such as muesli, raw bars, granola bars, teas, and the like.

Nigeria is known as the most developed and largest economy, not only in West Africa, but on the whole continent. The country has a population of 206 million and is home to the world’s second largest film industry, just behind the United States. Ghana, on the other hand, has the fastest growing economy in Africa, but also a population of 31 million whose living habits are changing rapidly. The demand for innovative and tasty, but above all healthy food in these countries will be met with the new offer of Vitalia products, starting this month.

Vitalia is the largest producer of healthy food in Macedonia and one of the largest exporters abroad, with a constantly expanding distribution network. Last year Vitalia presented itself for the first time in Japan, and this year for the first time it participates in the African market.
The goal of the company is to create products for the modern consumers who want to eat healthy, to enjoy the full, varied tastes and at the same time to make their life better by consuming what is good for them. Vitalia products are intended for different generations and target groups, with prices adapted and available to the average customer.

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