Vitalia invests in an environmentally friendly production facility that will bring new job opportunities

The company “Vitalia” has started the implementation of the investment project for construction of a completely new facility of over 700 square meters. As a result of these activities, conditions will be created for the creation of almost 50 new jobs that will serve two production lines – one for extrusion and the other for the production of cereal bars.

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected all segments of social life, and especially economic activities, but for us, development, progress and expansion are a strong motivation in this really difficult period. At the same time, the standards that we have set for the constant application of the latest innovations from the healthy food production industry, will undoubtedly be part of this completely new facility – say from “Vitalia”.

Part of the useful area of the capacity will be intended for production, and part for axillary premises. In order to contribute to environmental protection, Vitalia will make this facility fully energy efficient. Thermal insulation (PIR) panels will be installed in it, and renewable energy will be used to power the equipment. Photovoltaics will be installed on the roof structure, i.e, in addition to the new facility, they will be the main energy supply for the entire headquarters of the company. Geothermal pumps will provide cooling and heating.

The main market, where we started our success story, will continue to be an inspiration for us, however, we as a company are strongly present in the region, but also globally. With that in mind, we are always up to date with modern technology, experiences and human capital, but also with the values that are especially important today to be respected and practiced. Among them, environmental protection stands out as a priority on which maximum focus must be made, and in that direction is our investment – said “Vitalia”.

In the past months, the company has joined the United Nations initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production system, effectively reducing its contribution to climate change. Vitalia has also begun the transition to biodegradable packaging, which will replace plastic bags with recyclable paper, and has also introduced electric vehicles into its own transport facilities.

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