Vitalia joins Nestlé and Danone in the fight against climate change

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Vitalia joins Nestlé and Danone in the fight against climate change

Awareness of ecology, climate change and building a green future is becoming one of the main topics of discussion in modern society. In order to build a better future, more companies like Nestlé and Danone are engaging in environmental awareness education, taking initiatives as part of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A positive example in our country is Vitalia, which actively works to create positive change in the world in which we live.

Vitalia focuses on three pillars for creating a healthy and sustainable future together – a healthy diet, a healthy environment and a knowledge-based society. Following these principles, the company is constantly investing in improving and refining ecological production, as well as increasing environmental awareness of consumers through continuous education.

In 2020, Vitalia started the United Nations initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its entire supply system, effectively reducing its contribution to global warming. The company has begun the transition to biodegradable packaging, replacing plastic with recyclable paper bags, and introducing electric vehicles into its own fleet. The company also began installing solar photovoltaics – a source of energy for production plants, as well as proper waste categorization and disposable plastic for single use for the needs of the plant and employees.

Scientific research says that the biggest indirect factor for global warming is the food industry. Therefore, Vitalia’s environmental care is not only locally; on the contrary, Vitalia strives, through its own changes, to contribute to the fight against climate change globally.

With this move, Vitalia’s goal is to inspire other companies to get involved and contribute in a similar way, with innovative ideas to come up with creative solutions to climate change.

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