Vitalia Oat Meals – My NEW healthy habit

Breakfast is the key meal of the day, so it is always important to make the right choice of ingredients for preparation of the same.

We have a great recommendation for you – Vitalia oat meals – a balanced combination of oat flakes, fruit, nuts and super foods. 100% natural product ready in just 2 minutes with a little water, milk, yogurt or natural juice.

Oat is a cereal that best supplies the body with energy, and Vitalia oat meals contain over 66% oat flakes. It is a natural source of fiber, which helps in the absorption of saturated fats, contributes to a pleasant long-term feeling of satiety, speeds up metabolism and regulates blood sugar.

Enriched with 8 B vitamins, Vitalia oat meals supply the body with the necessary nutrients for successful functioning of metabolic processes and maintenance of brain function.

Vitalia oat meals are vegan and vegetarian and for those who practice a vegan lifestyle, they are a great way to satisfy the need for a high-energy meal without animal-based ingredients.

For complete enjoyment without a guilty conscience, Vitalia oat meals are sweetened with either fructose or stevia, which give a sweet taste and do not increase blood glucose or extra calories. Vitalia also offers oat meal with chia and caramel flavor and no added sugar, the perfect meal for people with high blood glucose levels, as it contains only 2.4g of sugar per serving.

Vitalia oat meals are without artificial colors and flavors, and the nutritional profile is enriched with super foods (chia, quinoa), which makes them unique in composition and recipe.

Enjoy the unique flavors and the gentle creamy texture for breakfast or snack wherever you are.

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