“Vitalia” on the exotic beaches of Barbados

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“Vitalia” on the exotic beaches of Barbados

Barbados is more than 8,000 km distance from the headquarters of “Vitalia”, but as a result of the strategy for constantly conquering new markets, from July the inhabitants of this island country will be able to enjoy the products of the renowned Macedonian company. With this, the famous brand will now be present in almost 60 international locations, including the European Union, America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Brazil, Seychelles, Mauritius and Lebanon.

“The Macedonian market is our starting point where the success story of “Vitalia” started, but having in mind that our leading goal is growth and development, it can be achieved only if innovations are constantly introduced and the list of markets on which we are active is expanded. One of our strongest motives is the healthy food that we produce to be present in as many countries as possible, i.e exports are our main orientation. That is why we regularly and successfully present ourselves at international fairs, where potential customers immediately notice that our product portfolio has high quality, top design and is in step with everything that happens in this industry globally”.

The diet of the people of Barbados is a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood, complemented with aromatic herbs and spices that create a specific and recognizable taste. With more than 300 products divided into over 10 categories, “Vitalia” will fit perfectly into the colorful cuisine and lifestyle of the citizens of this island country. For starters, muesli, crackers, oatmeal, Take Away muesli and oat flakes will be available on the exotic beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, with plans to expand this list.

“The presence in this market is a confirmation of the inspiration in our work, and that is to create as many healthy and delicious products and make them part of people’s lives, always keeping in mind that each person is recognizable in their own way. “Vitalia” pays special attention to the consumers’ individual needs and as well as the markets in which we export so far, we are convinced that in Barbados our products will become part of the daily menu of the inhabitants of this beautiful country”…

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