Vitalia participated in the World Food Fair in Moscow

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Vitalia participated in the World Food Fair in Moscow

Our largest health food company – Vitalia has recently presented itself at the World Food Fair, which this year took place in the Russian capital, Moscow.


As part of the national stand of Macedonia, co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Vitalia presented its latest range of healthy products from the so-called “raw” line, which drew the visitors’ attention, and also presented “Go Nutri” bars, the protein category, gluten-free products and so much more.


The Vitalia products have attracted great interest among the healthy food lovers from the Russian territories, who are known to be really demanding when it comes to balancing health, taste and product price.


Attending this fair, as well as the numerous contacts established so far with distributors and trade chains in Eastern Europe, means that not only has Vitalia unlocked its potential and competitiveness on Russian territory and generally in Eastern European regions, but is also paving the way for placement of its lines, and other Macedonian products as well, in whole in this part of Europe.


The company will continue to take part in world fairs with the aim of getting closer to global trends and innovations in the field of healthy food, which will ensure long-term development of the company.

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