Vitalia’s healthy products are among the most popular in Bangladesh

The healthy food products of “Vitalia” now are conquering the Asian continent. The last destination where these Macedonian products are placed is Bangladesh.

A large part of the production portfolio of this Macedonian company can be found on the shelves in the modern supermarkets in this country, where you can only find carefully selected products that are characterized by healthy ingredients and with proven quality.

This success is due to the quality and affordable prices of the products as well as the development strategy of the company to achieve a diversified ranking in as many countries as possible.

Bangladesh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Asia, emerging to the Bay of Bengal. The population is predominantly Muslim, and the capital Dhaka is the largest economic and financial center in Southeast Asia.

Vitalia is the largest producer of healthy food and with highest ranking  among the  exporters in the food industry in the Republic of Macedonia. An innovative company that follows consumers’ needs and creates healthy products for different generations and different target groups.

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