We will soon say goodbye to the strangest 2020 and we are all looking forward to it. Overnight she made us give up hanging out, going out, traveling… Everyday things we might have taken for granted. But, this strangest year awakened our imagination, which allows us to travel to places we can’t go, to feel what we can’t feel, taught us to appreciate more our health, our loved ones, but also to rejoice in the little things.

Did you wake up your imagination yet? Did you start to find happiness in a simple “thank you”, “take care” or a new recipe and snack that fills all your senses?

Inspired by imagination, Vitalia launched an innovative and unique pair of products with the symbolic name IMAGINE. With that, the shelves of your market have become richer with new and healthy products that are not in those familiar, usual flavors. These are nuts bars, which are an unusual mix of ingredients and flavors and are a top healthy snack that stands out with a modern design that tells its story.

Enjoying these bars, you will be reminded that imagination is necessary for each of us and that it is unique and infinite.

Crispy peanuts, salty caramel, silky peanut butter and a little salt … You don’t have to imagine it, all this is in the IMAGINE bar.
Not only that! This snack is a special world of health with more than 40% of whole nuts, full of fiber and only 5 grams of sugar.

And what about the taste of sweet and sour cranberries, crunchy almonds with a topping of irresistible dark chocolate? Or maybe we should call it a heavenly combination of flavors?
It will be enough to have an IMAGINE bar with cranberries, almonds and dark chocolate. This bar is sweet and crunchy, with more than 40% nuts, 20% cranberries with lots of fiber and only 4 grams of sugar.

Imagine bars will satisfy your imagination for a healthy, tasty and irresistible snack on any occasion.

At a time when we are cautious, worried and closed in our own homes, the imagination allows us to step into more beautiful places, far from our reality, allows us to see colors where there are none. Taste „Imagine“ and enter the endless world of imagination.

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