Distribution Policy

Dear customers,

Your order will be delivered to the address you will specify as the delivery address.Delivery time is 2-3 work days, except in the case of public holidays.

For delivery of your orded we use the services of Falcon Logistic Courier, and it will be delivered to the address you will specify, every day (except Sunday or public holidays) from 08.00 to 17.30.
The cost of delivery will be calculated according to the gross weight of your order

Gross weightCost of delivery
0 – 1 kg120 den
1 – 5 kg130 den
5 – 10 kg150 den
10 – 15 kg170 den
15 – 30 kg180 den
30 – 40 kg250 den

*The price list is only valid within the teritory of Republic of Macedonia.
For more information or for delivery problems, please contact us at 02 / 3217-177 or contact@vitalia.com.mk.

Thank you!