Become part of the “smoothie revolution”

Smoothie ready to eat meals became a real sensation, surrounded the world and in a moment they became a trend that has successfully survived on our daily menus from the very beginning. This nutritional bomb was briefly turned into our favorite breakfast.

Do what you want your body to be grateful for. It’s not only tasty, but it’s important that there are no nutritional elements that do lack which make us energized, healthy, and fulfilled.

Children love it, so it opens up an opportunity in an interesting way, in the menu to clear all those groceries that otherwise refuse to consume and thus keep the daily amount of vitamins, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats on a good level and avoid eating supplements.

Smoothie is the perfect meal in several respects. It is ready for a short time, it keeps us full until the next meal, so the need for a snack between meals is reduced and because the ingredients are thoroughly processed, consumption of smoothie facilitates digestion which improves the digestive system’s performance and kilograms are easy lost. Of course, to truly feel the benefits of health, you need to be well informed when selecting ingredients for your smoothie.

Each ingredient is known for its specific characteristic, and Smoothie To Go – the new, gluten-free, revolutionary product of Vitalia, available in 5 flavors, fits perfectly into the modern lifestyle and meets the nutritional requirements of all consumers, which are a constant inspiration for innovation in the food industry.

If you have a problem with excess pounds – red and purple are your colors!
Pomegranates, beets, blueberries and strawberries will make a miracle for your body and will strengthen your blood while you lose weight with ease, and the flax seeds and grains will keep you for long enough to reach for another snack between meals. If you do not have time to prepare it yourself, Vitalia is here for you! Smoothie To Go – Slim & Diet is exactly what we recommend for a successful reduction and weight regulation.

Orange and yellow for strong immunity! 

In the winter days when viruses and flu are lurking behind every corner, your secret weapon should be Immuno boost smoothie  Vitalia, which above all abounds with a huge amount of vitamin C. Open your eyes and start the day with a refreshing mix of orange, ginger, coconut, turmeric and apple, while cereals and seeds take care of keeping you sit down to the next meal.


Make a “cleanup” of the body! 

The harmful poisons that we keep in the body are the number one cause of more serious diseases. Green Detox  smoothie Vitalia, it naturally helps you to purify your body from harmful toxins while at the same time staying full. Provide your body with the only blend of spinach, spirulina, ginger, apples and specially selected cereals and seeds.

Steel muscles! 

After intensive training, a plant-based protein bomb is what your body needs. Quickly and efficiently regenerate muscle fibers with Cocoa Pea Protein smoothie Vitalia and give yourself the sweet delicacy of cocoa, coconut, banana, dates and precious pea protein and especially selected for you cereals and seeds .

Always fresh and rejuvenated! 

Choose an antioxidant smoothie for a healthy snack that will keep your body vital, and your organs are completely protected. A rich assortment of powerful antioxidants is perfect against the fight against free radicals. Antioxidant Berry Smoothie Vitalia excites the senses with sweet-sour taste of fig, strawberry, cranberry and date, and the results will very quickly show on your face, skin and hair.

Vitalia, which continuously focuses on bringing health food trends to the Macedonian and world market, has created 5 products custom tailored to meet the dietary needs of each individual.

Each ingredient is carefully selected and contains vitamins, minerals and bioactive components that strengthen the body. This product that offers a multitude of health and nutritional benefits is suitable for vegans and with no added sugar.

How to prepare Smoothie To Go Vitalia

Stir 2 tablespoons of dessert in 150ml water (or another drink: yogurt, milk …). Allow to stand for 1-2 minutes and stir again. The beverage is ready! Enjoy!

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