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Be part of the smoothie revolution

In the last few years, smoothie has taken a prominent place in breakfast options. Incredibly fast and easy to prepare, today dominates as the ideal meal for breakfast, in modern everyday life where time is luxury. A healthy combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals, smoothies are generally accepted for a great nutritional way of starting the day.

Vitalia, which continuously focuses on bringing health food trends to the Macedonian and world markets, has created a new revolutionary product that fits perfectly into the modern lifestyle.

Smoothie To Go is a gluten-free product, suitable for vegans and with no added sugar, to meet the nutritional requirements of all consumers, which are a constant inspiration for innovation in the food industry.

Available in 5 flavors that offer the majority of health and nutritional functionalities and benefits.

Smoothie To Go – Slim & Diet
To maintain fit and healthy body, Slim & Diet is the only combination with selected fruits, seeds and cereals in order to successfully reduce and regulate body weight.

Smoothie To Go – Immuno boost

Consume an immune mix every morning for healthy and strong immunity. Each ingredient contains vitamins, minerals and bioactive components that enhance the defense of the body.

Smoothie To Go – Green Detox

For the purification of the body and the eradication of harmful toxins, try detox smoothies at any moment of the day. Specially selected ingredients guarantee a healthy and vital organism.

Smoothie To Go – Cocoa Pea Protein

After intensive training, a plant-based protein bomb is the right choice. For quick and efficient regeneration of muscle fibers.

Smoothie To Go – Antioxidant Berry

Choose an antioxidant smoothie for a healthy snack that will keep your body vital, and your organs completely protected. A rich assortment of powerful antioxidants is perfect against the fight against free radicals.

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