Privacy Policy

Notifications of changes

As long as there are changes in our personal data protection, the same will be included in the personal data protection statement, the home page and any other places which we consider to be necessary.    

Protection of your account

Your password is the key to your account. Your username and password should be different and familiar only to you. As long as your username is identical to your password, your identity can be  used easily for signing into the system. Use numbers, letters and special characters and never share your password with anyone. In case you lose control over your password, you lose control over your personal information as well, and  you can be subjected to legally guided activities made in your name. Therefore, if your password is compromised due to any reason, you should immediately inform us and change the password.

Cookies/ Tracking technology

This website allows the use of cookies and tracking technology depending on the offered forms. Cookies and tracking technologies are useful for selecting information, such as the type of browser and operating system, tracking the number of visitors on the website and the use of the website by its visitors. Cookies also contribute to improvement of the website and adjustments to the needs of its visitors. Personal data cannot be gathered through Cookies.

Giving personal data for use

  • Permission granted legally
  • Protection against existing or potential fraud or unauthorized transaction
  • Investigation into an already committed fraud.

Obligation of secrecy and general data protection

Your personal data is securely protected against loss, damage, fraud and unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel have access to such information. The transfer of personal data is protected with appropriate methods, so the same is not readable during transfer and is protected according to the risk and nature of the data transferred. In order to prevent unauthorized access and abuse of personal data, all the necessary technical and organizational measures for general data protection will be taken.
Data Protection Officer: Marija Stojanova.
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