Sport Crunchy Muesli With Coconut & Dark Chocolate


Start the day with a healthy and original protein meal from Sport muesli with coconut and dark chocolate. Super nutritious and original mix of high quality proteins, buckwheat, coconut leaves and dark chocolate pieces, additionally, sweetened with brown unrefined sugar.

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Crunchy Muesli With Apple & Hazelnut

375g - 600g

Vitalia Crunchy muesli is a healthy, high-quality food produced according to an original recipe. It is a natural source of important nutrients and an ideal source of energy for an active day. Perfectly served with milk or yogurt, it provides a light and delicious meal.

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Protein Bar Dark Chocolate


Nutritious and high protein bar with 32% protein (19.2 grams of protein per a 60gram-bar).
Vitalia Sport bars are an excellent balance of nutrients designed specifically for athletes and physically active people. As a source of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, they meet the need for immediate release of energy and building muscle mass.

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