Green clay powder for human consumption

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Green clay powder for internal use is a high-quality product recommendable for preparing clay water whose regular consumption cleans and refreshes your body.




Green clay powder for internal use is a high-quality product recommendable for preparing clay water, whose regular consumption cleanses and refreshes your body.


  • The green clay has an antibacterial effect. It helps to regenerate tissues fast and treat wounds as well as blackheads, acne, scabs, abscess, burns and stomach ulcer.
  • The Vitalia clay drains and cleans the body. The surface of the smallest part of the clay is like a sponge, which is the source of its great absorbing power. The clay absorbs all the impurities from the blood and lymph tissue and then removes them. It neutralizes bacteria and toxins that have negative effect on the body. By drinking clay water, overall body cleansing is maintained.
  • The Vitalia clay is a strong antioxidant and boosts immunity. When treating diseases of body organs, the Vitalia clay is very efficient against toxins. It is a great antirid (a cure against wrinkles) and a cure for wounds, cuts, blackheads. Thanks to the clay, once the wound has healed, there is no scar left.
  • The Vitalia clay disinfects and deodorizes (removes unpleasant smell). The clay can clean drinking water (put a few tablespoons of green clay in 1 liter of water) by giving it a pleasant smell. It also acts as a deodorant. It cleans the atmosphere from different smells, and for that reason it is a great substance for removing unpleasant smells in closed spaces.
    Through a special process of selection and exposure to the sun and wind, different types of clay are formed, all with different intensity as to the effects they have.

Use: put one tablespoon of green clay powder in one glass (300ml) of water, stir (with a wooden spoon) and drink it without the dregs after five minutes. Drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
Length of use: the first cura (treatment) has to be 3 weeks long. Then, take a one-week break before starting the second cura. Your clay water treatment can be practiced every month or during season change.
Warning : when preparing the drink, non-metal cutlery is used. Best results are achieved when using fresh mineral water.
To make the treatment more efficient, use poultice and drink clay water. But remember to eat healthily (more fruit, vegetables, cereals and less fat) and drink a large amount of fluids (fresh juices, tea) at the same time.


Green clay powder


Analytical data100g
Titanium 0,2%
Iron 4,4%
pHslightly alkaline






Green clay powder

Green clay is a type of mineral clay valued for its highly absorbent properties. The unique composition makes it particularly beneficial as a therapeutic treatment for a variety of health concerns.