Quality Management& Certification

Vitalia has successfully implemented the following standards: HACCP, IFS, BRC, UTZ Certified,  ISO 9001:2008, SA 8001:2008,RSPO (Check our progress at www.rspo.orghttps://www.rspo.org/members/3676/Vitalia-Nikola-ltd) KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC BIO Cert, which is a further proof for our commitment to building customer loyalty.

Safety and quality of our products is a non negotiable priority of Vitalia!
We provide each of our carefully selected customers with a strict and detailed quality specification for each ingredient including size, texture, color, moisture content, microbiological analysis, packaging type and transport requirements.

Once in our factory, the quality assurance continues by examining samples from each delivery against their specification. Ingredient quality test are carried out throughout the processing and, especially, prior to blending, where the ingredients are thoroughly and completely inspected. Throughout the processing, inspection results are recorded and analyzed in order to ascertain that customer ingredient specifications have been maintained.


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