Eliminate the feeling of guilt from your menu – “Junk free, guilt free”

Guilty conscience after eating, when hunger prevails self-control is a feeling that many people face daily. How many times have you been self- punishing after something you consciously labeled “bad” or “junk”? That inner voice that warns you and causes you guilt is your friend who is trying to help you not to repeat the mistake. However, the sense of guilt and conscience can be counterproductive.

To get rid of the feeling of losing control or guilt, your brain stimulates self-destructive behavior. And while it’s ideal to always have control over what you eat, extreme guilt or guilty conscience can lead to some alarming conditions (eating disorders) that most often have a fatal outcome in human health. Disorders, further distort the image you have for yourself, so the sense of guilt easily results in self-denial, shame, and hopelessness. Eating disorders are characterized by irregular eating habits, a distorted image of the individual and an unnatural preoccupation with body weight. These include the consumption of an inadequate or excessive amount of food that can ultimately damage the wellbeing of the individual.

Therefore, practicing proper dietary choices is the first step in removing guilt. There is a way to eat without remorse and the entire mental space that was once occupied with guilt can be released for productive thoughts. The solution is a focus on a balanced and healthy diet, which can be delicious and completely satisfying. Instead of wondering if the food is “bad” and whether you should feel guilty about eating, think: Does this food nurture my body? Are there vitamins and minerals inside? Will it give me healthy energy? “If so, then enjoy yourself feeling completely good in treating your body as a temple.

What products can you consume without guilt?

Vitalia Super Raw Bars are the right choice. They contain over 80% fruits (date, strawberry, fig), super foods (chia, amaranth, quinoa) and nuts that are nutritious treasures of fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. They are without added sugar, gluten-free, GMO free, no additional heat treatment (100% cold pressed) and you will enjoy them without guilt. Nutrients in Super Raw Bars improve digestion, regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, and stimulate secretion of serotonin (the hormone of “happiness”). Quite enough reasons for including them in daily meals and carrying out daily activities enthusiastically and healthy.

Take control of your health and invest in a healthy body and relaxed mind and Vitalia should be your true companion in the “JUNK FREE, GUILT FREE” mission.