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Granola | Bite Mix

92.00 ден
Weight 400 g

Corn Cakes

53.00 ден
Weight 130 g

Crackers | Keto | Super Seeds

58.00 ден
Weight 50 g

Dried Cranberries

97.00 ден
Weight 100 g

Dried Papaya

85.00 ден
Weight 100 g

Dried Pineapple

89.00 ден
Weight 100 g

Multi-Grain Cakes

51.00 ден
Weight 100 g

Discover a wide selection of healthy snacks that provide a delicious and nourishing option for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. Our collection of nutritious snacks offers a convenient way to satisfy cravings while supporting your well-being. Buy healthy snacks online and indulge guilt-free in the goodness of wholesome ingredients.

At Vitalia Healthy Food, we believe that snacking can be both delicious and beneficial for your body. That's why we offer a range of thoughtfully curated snacks made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Our snacks are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to fuel your day and boost your overall health.

From nutrient-rich nuts and seeds to satisfying granola bars and delectable dried fruits, our healthy snacks are designed to provide sustained energy and promote satiety. With a focus on quality and taste, we strive to offer a variety of flavors and textures to suit every palate.