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Protein Muesli with Coconut & Chocolate


The unique combination of quinoa and oatmeal makes a product that you can consume every day. Extra nutritious blend of high quality protein, quinoa, buckwheat, coconut leaves and dark chocolate pieces.

Bronhovit – Natural Herbal Syrup


Bronhovit is a 100% natural dietary product prepared from maltex – barley malt, soy lecithin, extracts and etheric oils from herbs, such as: mint, thyme, elder, chamomile, dog rose and basswood.



Diabet Hon is a delicious dessert containing natural ingredients, herbs and pollen extract. 100% natural product sweetened with natural sweeteners: fructose and sorbitol.

Gluten-Free Crackers with Chili & Onions


Made of high quality ingredients and superfood (quinoa, flaxseeds, integral sesame). These gluten free crackers are revolutionary product that now waits for you.

Gluten-Free Crackers with Spinach & Parmesan


A combination of parmesan and spinach that gives special taste to this healthy snack. Eating gluten free food was never tasty and easy like this.

Granulated Bee Pollen


Flower powder is 100% natural bio energy source for regenerating and revitalizing the body.

Green Clay Powder for External Use


Green clay is known as the most efficient among the different existing types of clay. It is the most valuable and natural asset of cosmetics with extraordinary regenerative and revitalizing skin effect.

Green Clay Powder for Internal Use


Green clay powder for internal use is a high-quality product recommendable for preparing clay water whose regular consumption cleans and refreshes your body.

Keto Crackers with Super Seeds 50g

Crispy keto crackers formulated with 6 types of seeds- flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, chia, black seeds, enriched with pea protein and with excellent oregano aroma. Perfect for your favorite dips, spreads and sauces.

Keto Granola Coconut&Cocoa 280g

Keto breakfast perfectly balanced with rich coconut flavor and irresistible cocoa beans, complemented by the unique aroma of vanilla Bourbon.

Keto Granola Nuts & Cinnamon 280g

Imagine a food that is so diverse and you can consume it at any time of the day, alone or with your favorite additions. That’s Vitalia keto granola, perfectly crunchy, with a pleasant aroma of cinnamon and a unique mix of hazelnut, almond and walnut.

Keto Muesli Chocolate, Nuts and Seeds 280g

Delicious combination of crunchy muesli, bittersweet dark chocolate, nutritious  nuts and super seeds. Formulated with high quality ingredients  and nutritionally balanced macros, keto muesli with nuts are a great choice for your morning ritual.