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Bronhovit – Natural Herbal Syrup


Bronhovit is a 100% natural dietary product prepared from maltex – barley malt, soy lecithin, extracts and etheric oils from herbs, such as: mint, thyme, elder, chamomile, dog rose and basswood.



Diabet Hon is a delicious dessert containing natural ingredients, herbs and pollen extract. 100% natural product sweetened with natural sweeteners: fructose and sorbitol.

Fruitin – Fruit Sugar


Fructose is a natural, highly soluble sugar which has the highest sweetening capacity of all types of sugar; it has twice as much sweetening power compared to the white sugar.

Pure Wildflower Honey


Vitalia wildflower honey comes from the ecologically pure regions of Eastern Macedonia. It has a distinctive and pleasant taste and aroma. Wildflower honey can be found in multiple colours: from light yellow to an almost dark brown colour.