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Taheebo Tea

[:en]MIRACULOUS GIFT OF NATURE The modern pace of life very often leaves us mentally and physically exhausted. The negative consequences of the urbane lifestyle can be neutralized with the consumption of food that improves your psychophysical condition and health. Do something more for yourself. Choose a product that suits your needs. Allow the nature to take care of your health.[:mk]Денешното темпо на живот често пати на исцрпува ментално и физички. Негативните последици од урбаниот начин на живеење можеме да ги неутрализираме со внесување на храна која ја подобрува нашата психофизичка кондиција и делува на нашето здравје. Направете нешто повеќе за себе. Изберете производ кој одговара на Вашите потреби.[:]

Taheebo Ipe Roxo Tea 50 g

The Tahebo tea from Vitalia is a great defence and prevention against all those diseases which are the consequence of low immune system, such as infections and cancer-related diseases as well. It is recommendable for patients to use the tea along with the medical therapy since it has been claimed that the tea increases the effect of the chemotherapy, while it reduces the side effects of the medicine.