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Breakfast Muesli


The Muesli for breakfast represents a healthy meal for the whole family by providing energy for an active day. It is rich in dietary fiber with no added sugar. Use: Easy and quick preparation; soak 4 tablespoons of muesli (55g) in 200ml of milk or yoghurt and leave for 10 minutes.

Breakfast Muesli


Nutritionists have emphasized for so many years now the importance of a healthy breakfast and pointed out that people who do not skip the most important meal of the day not only have fewer chances of being diagnosed with diabetes and health diseases, but also would not gain extra weight.

Choco Muesli


What about healthy chocolate start of the day? New Vitalia chocolate muesli are made with carefully chosen ingredients of oats, chocolate drops and zebra sticks for balanced intake of proteins, carbs, fibers and fats.

Chocolate Muesli


If you love chocolate, here is a way to consume it in a healthy meal or snack. Vitalia presents you the superior mix of health and taste. That is the chocolate muesli that contain 60% corn flakes (oat, wheat, rye), chocolate and cocoa chips.

Classic Muesli


Wholegrain cereals, seeds and fruits for balanced macro nutritive intake from the morning. Vitalia classic muesli are rich source of fibers for good digestion. Carefully chosen ingredients with one reason- to have big benefit and balanced health. Seeds included in this muesli are great source of unsaturated fats that give energy for whole day activities.

Exotic Muesli


For the lovers of exotic taste in every part of the year we made Exotic muesli filled with tropical fruit, wholegrain cereals and raw coconut. Missing the taste of papaya, pineapple and mango? Now you can chose health and energy for the right start of the day.

Fit & Active Muesli


Fit&Active muesli from Vitalia is a professionally created recipe of excellent ingredients, known for their rich nutritive profile that gives you energy for an active day. Fit&Active muesli represents an original mixture of corn flakes (oat, rice, wheat), 25% fruit – raisins, plum and apricot and 6% sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds.

Forest Fruit Muesli


Forest fruit muesli are special mix of lyophilized fruits and wholegrain cereals. Oat flakes like a main source of fibers, eaten in meal give pleasant filing of fullness. Crunchiness in our muesli comes from baked cereals that gives special taste.

Fruit Muesli


Fruit muesli is a mixture of dried fruits, 70% corn flakes and 30% fruit (raisins, apple, banana, fig, dates, plum). The selected dried fruits in combination with the corn flakes (oat, wheat, rye) represent energetically rich and nutritively healthy start to every new day.

Oat Flakes – Coarse


Peeled oat grain is a whole grain with high nutritional value. It contains a high amount of fiber that improves digestion.

It is rich in B vitamins, which are involved in metabolic processes, help maintain brain function and improve mood.

Raw Nuts Muesli


Nuts that are not thermally processed contain all essential nutrients needed for a healthy body. By combining raw nuts with grains, we have made an optimal meal rich in essential fats – the main source of energy for a dynamic lifestyle.

Raw Seeds Muesli


Tasty combination of oat, barley, rye and wheat flakes, sunflower seeds and sesame. Basic muesli is a neutral well-balanced food, made from integral cereals, whose husk and germ contain most of the nutritive value.