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Granola | No Sugar Added | Coconut & Hazelnut

31.00 ден

We have dedicated our time and love into making this perfectly crunchy and baked granola, while excluding all added sugars so that you and your loved ones can have a complete "guilt free" experience.

Granola | No Sugar Added | Red Fruits & White Chocolate

31.00 ден

It has already been proven that "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped", because it brings health benefits, increases energy levels and improves mood during the day.

Granola | Regular | Nuts

128.00 ден

The muesli is prepared by an original recipe of oat flakes glazed with honey which are baked until crispy and enriched with nuts.

Granola | Regular | Honey & Almond

128.00 ден

The granola muesli with honey and almond is an original mixture of oat flakes, almonds and honey sweetened with unrefined brown sugar.

Granola | Bite Mix

92.00 ден

The granola muesli with nuts enriched with magnesium and B complex constitutes an original mixture of oat flakes and nuts (hazelnut, almond, walnut).

Corn Flakes | Low Sugar

133.00 ден

Cornflakes are a very healthy and nutritious food, rich in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Ingredients: corn, sugar, salt, malt.

Crunchy Muesli | Banana & Chocolate

219.00 ден

It is a natural source of important nutrients and an ideal source of energy for an active day. Perfectly served with milk or yogurt, it provides a light and delicious meal.

Crunchy Muesli | Apple & Hazelnut

219.00 ден

Healthy and tasty meal made from cereals, nuts and fruits for energy start of the day.

Crunchy Muesli | Chocolate & Strawberry

142.00 ден

Vitalia Crunchy Muesli is a well-balanced healthy food with a wonderful taste and aroma, produced according to an original recipe of high-quality corn flakes and natural sweeteners.

Crunchy Muesli | Tropical Fruit

219.00 ден

Muesli mix of tropical fruits and cereals.  Enriched mixture with calcium and magnesium that offers a lot of health benefits.

4 Grain Flakes

54.00 ден

4 Grain Flakes are a neutral and well-balanced food produced from integral cereals whose kernel and germ take the largest share of nutrients. No added sugar.

Barley Flakes

45.00 ден

Barley flakes are a natural and healthy food with no additives or conservatives. They abound in nutrients typical of the barley grain, such as: carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. No added sugar.

Kickstart your mornings with our range of healthy cereals and muesli. Packed with wholesome ingredients, these nutritious breakfast options offer a delicious and nourishing way to fuel your day. Buy our selection of healthy cereals and muesli online and embrace a balanced start to your morning routine.

At Vitalia Healthy Food, we understand the importance of a nutritious breakfast in setting the tone for the day ahead. That's why we carefully curate a collection of cereals and muesli made from high-quality, natural ingredients, ensuring you get the best start to your day.

Explore our range of healthy cereals, including whole grain flakes, crunchy clusters, and fiber-rich bran options. Each cereal is thoughtfully crafted to provide a balance of taste and nutrition, offering a variety of flavors and textures to suit every preference.