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Cranberry Tea

132.00 ден

Vitalia Cranberry tea contains 60% cranberry and is a natural blend of cranberry, hibiscus flower, dog rose and apple. Cranberry tea is naturally high in vitamin C and with a rich aromatic smell.

Green Tea | Ginseng

137.00 ден

Green tea with ginseng enriched with rose flower from the Vitalia range of products.

The rose flowers contain tannin and etheric oil that have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines. It is particularly helpful to people prone to diarrhea, and those suffering from lung diseases.

It alleviates and speeds up the removal of cholesterol deposits and bile acids. It helps in cases of rheumatism, bone pain, anemia, insomnia and headache.

Green Tea | Lemon & Ginger

133.00 ден

Green tea with lemon and ginger from the Vitalia range of products is an excellent herbal mixture rich in vitamins (C, A, B, E).

It also contains strong antioxidants that reduce the negative effect of free radicals, which cause various diseases.

If you want to have strong immune system, good circulation and clear head, try this combination of medicinal herbs.

Green Tea | Sencha Special

120.00 ден

The Green Tea contains important ingredients which when consumed affect human well-being. That is mainly due to the presence of catechin and vitamins C, E and A.

It reduces cholesterol levels by inhibiting its resorption and balancing its presence in the blood thus reaching ideal HDL vs LDL ratio.

Stevia Sachets | 40 x 1g

140.00 ден

Vitalia Sweet Stevia is recommended for weight loss, maintaining a fit figure and all those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Taheebo Tea

116.00 ден

The Tahebo tea from Vitalia is a great defence and prevention against all those diseases which are the consequence of low immune system, such as infections and cancer-related diseases as well. It is recommendable for patients to use the tea along with the medical therapy since it has been claimed that the tea increases the effect of the chemotherapy, while it reduces the side effects of the medicine.