Brazil & Sultana Bar

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This Brazil nut and Sultana bar is a delicious and simple pleasure: the exotic Brazil nut, crunchy almonds and sultanas that add soft texture and with a drizzle of honey giving it a satisfying touch.




Did you run out of energy? Increase your energy instantly with just one bite! Our new fruit & nut bars offer 100% energy from valuable nutrients - complex carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, omega-3 fatty products and complete protein.

This Brazil nut and sultanas bar is a delicious and simple pleasure: the exotic Brazil nut, crunchy almonds and sultanas that add soft texture and with a drizzle of honey giving it a satisfying touch.
Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium of any food on the planet. Due to the high concentration, regular intake of Brazil nut strengthens immunity, helps protect against cellular oxidation and reduces the risk of aging diseases.
Sultanas are rich in copper and are an excellent source of fiber. They are also rich in potassium, which maintains normal blood pressure. In addition, sultanas are a food with a low to moderate glycemic index (an indication of their effect on blood sugar levels), which can help prevent type 2 diabetes.
Peanuts are rich in vitamin B3, B6 and magnesium and as part of your diet help reduce fatigue and tiredness. They are also rich in monounsaturated fats, fiber, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese and are a source of protein, zinc and selenium. Peanuts also contain bioactive nutrients beneficial for vascular function. Regular intake of peanuts has the potential to optimize circulatory function in the brain and improve cognitive function, according to scientific research.

Consume our NUT BARS whenever you need energy replenishment. Before training, they help to prepare the body for exertion. During long-endurance training, they recover energy and keep you on track. On-the-go, during long office hours, or a walk in nature, keep the stashed and ready to eat any second.


raisins 24%, peanuts, glucose syrup, extruded rice (rice flour, wheat flour, wheat malt, sugar, wheat gluten, dextrose, salt), almonds, brazil nuts 9%, dried apricots, honey, humectant: glycerol.

Allergen information:

Contains gluten, peanuts and nuts. May contain traces of sesame, soy, milk and other nuts.

Nutritional value100 g/r
Energy1640 КЈ/392 kcal
Fat10 g
of which saturates1.9 g
Carbohydrates59.7 g
of which sugars27.7 g
Fiber11.8 g
Proteins10 g
Salt0.3 g





"Saturated Fats"

Extruded rice

Extrusion processing gives the option of reforming the rice flour into a precooked product that can be shaped. In this process, we can add potentially functional ingredients inside the rice body.


Enjoy the sweetness of summer all year-round with the flavorful dried apricots. These vibrant fruits are rich in fiber, antioxidants and potassium and can be used as a healthy snack or as addition to a breakfast meal.


Raisins are dried grapes rich in fructose and glucose. They contain certain antioxidants and are low in sodium and contain no cholesterol.


Almond is a nutritionally dense nut providing a rich source of B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals – calcium, copper, iron and zinc. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and a substantial amount of fatty acids.


Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients: B vitamins, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus and dietary fiber. They also contain about 25 g protein per 100 g, which is higher than the other nuts.


Honey gets its sweetness from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose, where fructose is more frequent. The darker it is, the more polyphenols it contains. It also has certain B vitamins, iron and zinc.

Brazil Nut

Brazil nuts are high in fiber, vitamin E, thiamin and minerals such as selenium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Brazil nuts are also a source of calcium and iron.