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How to replace meat in the diet?

Plant based/vegan mixes by Vitalia

Eliminating meat from the diet has become a big global trend and more people who want to eat lighter food and to have easier digestion are joining it every day. They want to reduce their carbon _? by eating less meat, to reduce weight or simply want to reduce their costs. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure – meat alternatives are here to stay.

If you have already decided to eliminate meat products from your diet, then half of your work is already done. Determination and willpower are the most important factors in successfully giving up the meat.

Enough protein in the diet

But the meat contains ingredients that the body needs to stay healthy. One of them is protein, which you will simply have to find a way to replace for the body to continue to function properly. The existence of plant proteins certainly makes it easier and even healthier. This is due to the fact that plants have a much better ratio of nutrients and calories than meat and they also contain vegetable fiber which are not found in meat and are extremely useful for good digestion and for maintaining healthy intestinal microflora. Broccoli and lentils contain large amounts of plant protein and the same goes for oat and oatmeal. In addition, the protein contained in chia seeds tofu or quinoa proves that even the small dietary supplements can make a big difference!

Adapt your favorite recipes

One trick that will make it easier to change your eating habits is to find a way to keep eating the flavors you love, adapted to the new diet. So if your goal is to eliminate meat from the diet try using the aforementioned ingredient as a substitute in your next recipe. The mushrooms are well known alternative to meat in our parts and Asians use tofu instead of meat in numerous recipes so why don’t you start too?

And for those who cannot give up the taste, smell and texture of meat, we recommend Vitalia’s Lean Vegan Mixes, which represent an authentic, yet healthier alternative.

These mixes represent a combination of a high amount of vegetable fiber, contain a low amount of saturated fat, and at the same time their recipe contains the highest percentage of protein compared to the competition.

Vitalia’s lean vegan mixes come in packages of 180 g, which are enough for four servings, they make 400 g of a delicious mix that you can use in any way you like.

And the best thing? They come in three flavors: a combination of vegetables and seeds, chicken and of course, beef, which will help you make a healthy veggie burger with the ideal texture and authentic taste.

To help you adapt the recipes, together with @Dave’s Kitchen we prepared 3 delicious and lean meals.

Pasta with veggie meatballs

Chicken flavored veggie burrito

Veggie burger with beef flavor

Trends in the food industry show that the modern consumers are becoming more aware of their choices and how they affect health, well-being, mood and immunity, and even the environment. And as you have already seen – there are countless options to successfully replace meat in your daily diet, you just have to be brave and try them. With a strong will and a little ingenuity, you can live a new life starting tomorrow, without a single gram of meat!