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New, innovative PROBIOTIC line of Vitalia

Next Generation Meals for internal balance

The modern way of life brings its own challenges, among which is an unhealthy diet. As a result, health problems such as weight gain, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease and mental disorders are becoming more common.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in research on the digestive system, which confirms the importance of maintaining a balanced intestinal microflora, and thus the necessity of consuming probiotics. Our gastrointestinal tract is “home” to trillions of microorganisms (good bacteria) that play a key role in maintaining our health. They also help with the proper functioning of the immune system, and have a positive role in certain diseases, such as allergies and cognitive function.

Proper digestion and maintaining a balanced intestinal microflora are the basis for a healthy organism. That is why regular intake of probiotics in the daily diet is extremely important.

But what exactly are probiotics and how do they affect our health?

Probiotics are good bacteria that have a positive effect on the body and help it function properly. They maintain the balance of the body, having a positive effect on digestive problems such as gas, bloating, pain, cramps, diarrhea.

Recently, a new innovation in the PROBIOTIC category has been launched on the Macedonian market, enriching the offer of this type of product.

The new probiotic line of Vitalia consists of: Probiotic oat cookies and Probiotic oatmeal, which are a source of protein and vegetable fiber, and do not contain added sugars. More than 3 billion probiotics and 5 different bacteria that are good for the digestive system are contained in the Vitalia probiotic line, which is why these products fall into the category of “superfoods”.

Vitalia’s PROBIOTIC oatmeal is an excellent choice to start the day, because they are tasty, healthy and in combination with yogurt represent a breakfast that will make you feel full, but also light. They are available in two different flavors:

1. A combination of coconut, forest fruit and white chocolate; and

2. A combination of quinoa, raspberry, and chia seeds.

Vitalia’s new PROBIOTIC cookies are a great snack when you want a quick healthy meal on the go. Available in three different flavors: a combination of dark chocolate and hazelnut; a combination of milk cocoa topping and peanut butter; and a combination of red fruit and chia seeds. These cookies do not contain added sugars, so you will better feel the powerful taste of the carefully selected ingredients. They are ideal to take with you on a trip and allow yourself a tasty but also healthy snack whenever you feel yourself losing energy.

Now, with Vitalia’s PROBIOTIC line, you have a choice and can consume something tasty and filling, as well as healthy and useful. The innovative production method and the original formulation of the PROBIOTIC line were also recognized by the expert jury at the ISM Cologne Fair, which awarded Vitalia the prestigious award for innovation.

We learn the true importance of balance in the body when we face the first problems. Therefore, experts advise that it is better to act preventively, than to wait for the “alarms” of our body. Daily intake of probiotics will allow your metabolism to function properly and feel that lightness that signals that the body is healthy and ready for the day ahead!