Vitalia presented its products at PLMA New Product EXPO

People have started to become more aware of the importance of food in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle, and are stricter not only in terms of taste and quality, but also in terms of the brand, its responsible or irresponsible practices, and even the very corporate image of the producer.

PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) organizes its International Trade Show every year, where about 3,500 brands from the world get a chance to present their products to the public.

A special segment of the show is the New Product Expo, which highlights the innovations in formulations and packaging of this year’s exhibitors. Divided into 8 categories, more than 500 products from nearly 400 exhibitors from 42 countries will be presented for all visitors and exhibitors to see.

Vitalia on PLMA

This year, Vitalia’s PROBIOTIC line and Veggie Joy Mixtures are on display in the New Product EXPO section.

Vitalia’s PROBIOTIC COOKIES and VEGGIE JOY MIX were selected as part of this year’s edition of New Product EXPO due to their innovative formulation, the ingredients used, as well as their nutritional function – to offer a healthy meal option, with no compromise on taste. They are a new option on the market and have attracted the attention of PLMA, which has decided to exhibit them among 600 other exhibitors from all over the world.

The products were exhibited at the section of the trade show reserved for companies that adhere to responsible work practices, conscientiously use raw materials and strive to innovate or redefine the products offered by them.

New Product Expo, PLMA 2022

The future is plant-based

Veggie Joy Mix are a delicious meal option for all vegetarians, vegans, and those who don’t want to feel guilty every time they eat meat. They have the authentic taste and smell of meat, but are made from plant-based protein and contain a set of nutrients that will keep you satiated for long time.

Probiotic cookies, on the other hand, have already become more popular among the domestic public due to their role in the so-called functional nutrition, which is mostly used by athletes, but more and more often ordinary people with a busy and active lifestyle decide on taking it as well. PROBIOTIC cookies help better digestion, maintain internal balance, and help strengthen immunity.

About PLMA

With their offices in New York and Amsterdam, PLMA is the largest association dedicated exclusively to the promotion of the private sector and the brands that emerge from it. For more than thirty-five years, PLMA’s World of Private Label International Trade Show has brought together retailers, wholesalers, and other private label professionals with manufacturers to help them find new products or inspiration for them, to establish new contacts and come up with new ideas that will help their brands grow, develop and achieve success in the market where they operate.