about vitalia

Who we are
VITALIA Nikola Ltd is a health food production and trading company with a general purpose to supply the domestic and foreign markets with natural, great tasting, nutritional products of excellent quality, prepared according to the traditional recipes that fits today’s healthy lifestyle.

The company, which has been operating since 1993, is dynamically growing and improving year by year, establishing itself in a leading position in the East European health food market.

What we offer
The VITALIA palette offers an abundance of flavor ideas for many variations of health foods - Diet products, cereals and muesli, soy products, non-dairy milks, cold pressed oils, natural sweeteners, functional low calorie drinks, integral grains and seeds, food supplements and organic products.

All areas of the company, from production to sales, have a common goal: to provide complete, individual service to our customers.

Flexible production units, short delivery times, reliable transportation fleet are only a few of the services we are offering to our customers.

Our philosophy & mission
We have never considered the sale of our products as one-way street. Regular exchange of information’s creates the feed back loop that enables us to quickly adapt our products to fit the market and customer needs.

With a consumer as "motivating force", constant efforts are being made to improve and create new products whereby safety, quality, convenience and innovation are the most important pre-conditions. That, in a nutshell, is the mission and the strength of VITALIA.

Our Team
Our team is consisted of highly motivated, dedicated and passionate
individuals whose professional experience and knowledge bring great
productivity and practical realization of the well established vision of VITALIA.

VITALIA has 100 full time employees working in eight departments:
Purchasing, Production, Sales, Export, Product development, R&D and Quality control, Marketing, Accounting and Technical department.

Our assets
Production facilities: 950 m2
Office: 350 m2
Warehouse : 2000 m2
Yard: 1350 m2

We do door to door distribution with our own transportation vehicles.

Clients and markets
Thanks to our top quality products and highly professional service, our selling network is continuously growing. We are exporting our goods in EU, USA, Africa and Canada. Our clients are the chains, the retailers, the health shops and pharmacies.  Our products are present in:


- METRO                      - MERCATOR

- BILLA                        - INTEREX

- KAUFLAND                - RAMSTORE

- CARREFOUR              - DELTA

- INTERSPAR               - TUS

- IDEA                         - RODIC

- CBA                          - VEROPULOS

- DM                            - KONZUM

- KOME                        - PICADILLY

- HIT                           - AUCHAN

- RAMSTORE               - TINEX

- MAXI                        - LE CLERCK

- CORA                        
Quality control
As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we have achieved HACCP approval certificate for our factory manufacturing standards and we have implemented BRC food quality standard.

Quality is paramount at VITALIA and starts with our suppliers. We provide each of our carefully selected suppliers with a strict and detailed quality specification for each ingredient covering size, texture, color, moisture content, microbiological analysis, packaging type and transport requirements.

Our advantages
Rich palette of natural, great tasting health foods of excellent quality and reasonable prices 
Complete individual service to our customers
Quick adaptation to fit the market and customer demands
Flexible production units, short delivery time
Convenience and innovation - 20 new product annualy
17 years of experience in the health food sector

VITALIA Nikola Ltd
Health Food Production & Trading

Commercial Dept., Production & Warehouse:
Str. 516 bb
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel.: +389 (2) 32 17 177
Fax.: +389 (2) 32 17 176

Vitalia retail store 1:
50 Divizija 16
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: +389 (2) 31 13 007

Vitalia retail store 2:
516 bb, Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: +389 (2) 32 17 177