Vitalia celebrates 25 years existence

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Vitalia celebrates 25 years existence

Vitalia, the brand that undoubtedly associates humanity, social responsibility, but above all, the brand that is most deserving of creating a public awareness of the need for a healthy diet as a way of life and prevention, celebrates the 25 years of its existence. Vitalia is an example of a successful story how to reach a global brand through perseverance, following the global trends in healthy food production, and continually fighting dietary stereotypes and poor dietary habits.

What is the secret?

“Vitalia started as a family business and its beginnings are closely related to the visionary idea of ​​my father Nikola who, at his age of 52 years, bravely decides to start a business that at the time was a completely new and unknown segment of the market. Inspired and encouraged by his 7 year residence in Germany, we started the Vitalia story that today marks 25 years. We are confidently continuing our mission by creating innovative healthy products to provide healthy eating habits for consumers around the world where this Macedonian brand is their brand of trust, “said Iskra Vetadzokoska Mutunska, co-owner of Vitalia, at the jubilee event.

“I am proud of the brand we have created, I am proud of the quality and innovation we have achieved, I am proud of the expertise and loyalty of our numerous employees,” said Nikola Vetadzokoski, founder of Vitalia.

“We continuously invest in production processes, modern technologies and implement all relevant quality control standards, thus ensuring the increase in domestic production capacities and investing in new ones outside our country in order to strengthen the trust in the brand and the international markets,” said Dimitar Vetadjoka – co-owner of this Macedonian brand.

After 25 years on the Macedonian and world market, “Vitalia” is a firmly established brand whose vision is to continue to create healthy products with proven quality, created according to the contemporary needs of consumers. To continue to be the closest friend to children, students, the elderly, all generations but also those with specific nutritional needs, while promoting a better and more quality life with rooted healthy habits.

The founders with a smile say they will continue to walk along the path of success, filled with work, enthusiasm and passion. They will continue to realize their mission to remain a socially responsible company, which from its inception is fully focused on developing, raising and promoting consumer awareness and changing consumer habits, as one of the foundations for a healthy, quality and long life.

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