From now on, your favorite Starbucks coffee with Vitalia Muesli …

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From now on, your favorite Starbucks coffee with Vitalia Muesli …

Macedonia’s most famous health food company, Vitalia, has launched a collaboration with the world-renowned coffee brand Starbucks. Visitors to Starbucks Belgrade, besides being able to consume the most famous coffee brands, will now enjoy fresh desserts prepared with Vitalia Granola Muesli.

“The choice of Starbucks to partner with Vitalia is a great recognition for us as a company and a confirmation of the quality of our products. Starbucks chose specifically Vitalia’s granola muesli as they represent a healthy and tasty mini-meal and are the only granola muesli in the Balkans made from 100% oat flakes, sweetened with brown sugar. Such international partnerships, and presence in the HORECA (Hotel / Restaurant / Café) channel, make Vitalia’s products more accessible to consumers as well as conveying the two companies’ shared mission: “We are not in the business of filling bellies, we are in the business of filling souls ”” – stated from Vitalia.

Granola, favorite choice of healthy food advocates, is an ideal addition to the Starbucks’ unique ‘parfait’ dessert, confirming its multi-purpose characteristic. The naturally sweet combination of baked oats and nuts perfectly complements the unique taste of Starbucks coffee.

In addition, nutritionally enriches this morning ritual with an abundance of fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for a vibrant start to the day.
In the coming period, it is expected that Vitalia-Starbucks cooperation will be extended to other countries in the region where this brand is present – Bulgaria and Romania, and consumers in these countries will be also able to enjoy the famous Vitalia Granola Muesli.

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